Julia Donaldson

Discover our Julia Donaldson Soft Toys. Julia Donaldson is the English author behind some of the UK's most popular children's story books. probably best known for her creation, the Gruffalo - and those illustrated by Axel Scheffler.

The latest story from Julia Donaldson tells the story of a keen young orange dragon named Zog who despite trying his hardest, never quite achieves the class gold star award. The class must learn how to roar, breathe fire and capture a princess in year 5.

Along his travels through his years at dragon school, he befriends a young girl named Pearl who has ambitions of becoming a doctor. She helps to mend his broken wing and in year 5 happens to divulge to Zog that she is in fact a princess herself. She agrees to let Zog capture her and Zog finally achieves the coveted golden star.

Another family favourite Stickman is always popular especially around the festive period. As Stickman goes for a walk, he gets into 'sticky' situations where he unfortunately drifts further from his family tree home. Over the course of a year, he travels far and meets both friends and strangers along the way.