Shaun The Sheep Soft Toys

Created by Nick Park, Shaun The Sheep made his first appearance in the short Academy Award winning film 'A Close Shave' back in 1995 and has since been in his own feature length film titled Shaun The Sheep Movie and most recently in A Shaun The Sheep Movie : Farmageddon. A series of 150 episodes of 7 minute stories can also currently be found on Netflix.

Mischievous yet lovable and bright, Shaun The Sheep lives on Mossy Bottom Farm, with his family and the rest of the flock, The Farmer and Bitzer the sheep dog, Pidsey the orange cat and the naughty pigs.

With fans worldwide, you can now own your very own Shaun The Sheep in the form of a 12 inch soft toy available here on Character Toy Store. Discover the Shaun the Sheep plush toy collection right here!