Gruffalo Toys

The children's classic story from award-winning laureate Julia Donaldson and illustrated by Axel Scheffler. We stock a superb range of these fantastic quality soft toys, all officially licensed exclusively from Aurora World. Hand-made using the plushest of materials, these soft toys are ideal when used at storytime with your kids. ... The rhyming, repetitive verse couplets story of The Gruffalo was published back in 1999 aimed at aged three to seven years. The story features a protagonist Mouse who is walking through the deep dark wood. He encounters several dangerous animals, who invite him back to their home for a meal, clearly wanting to eat him. The quick-witted Mouse realises this and declines their offers. Informing each of the animals of his plans to eat with the frightful made-up creature called the Gruffalo, managing to evade capture by all the animals.

After escaping each animal he gloats: "Silly old fox/owl/snake, doesn't he know? there's no such thing as a Gruffalo!" It turns out that the Gruffalo is in fact very real as Mouse happens to meet him after escaping the last animal. With the Gruffalo now threatening to eat the mouse, the Mouse again has to think on his feet, telling Gruffalo he is the most feared animal in the forest. To prove his point, the two walk together and encountering each animal as before, the Gruffalo convinced all the animals are afraid of Mouse, each time the Gruffalo more impressed by Mouse's apparent reputation. Exploiting the situation, Mouse threatens to eat the Gruffalo and he then flees.

The story is multi-award-winning, and in 2000 was the best-selling picture book. Over the years, a rich culture has evolved from the popular story and in areas on natural beauty, and national parks, dedicated trails have been built.

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