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Embark on a magical journey into Julia Donaldson's world with these captivating toys. From the adventurous mouse in "The Gruffalo" to the tenacious witch in "Room on the Broom," her beloved characters come to life, sparking imagination and creativity. Each toy is crafted with attention to detail, offering endless hours of imaginative play for your child. Explore the deep dark wood or soar on a broomstick with these must-have toys that capture the essence of Julia Donaldson's enchanting stories.

Discover our gorgeous collection of Julia Donaldson plush soft toys. The renowned English author behind some of the UK's most popular children's storybooks is probably best known for The Gruffalo.

Zog Soft Toys

This latest adventure from Julia Donaldson, tells the story of a keen young orange dragon named Zog who despite trying his hardest, never quite achieves the class gold star.  Along his travels through his years at dragon school, he befriends a young girl named Pearl who has ambitions of becoming a doctor and so help each other achieve their goals.

She helps to mend his broken wing and in year 5 happens to mention that she is a princess herself. After agreeing to let Zog capture her, Zog finally achieves his golden star, much to the admiration of his teacher Madam Dragon. The endearing story encounters hardship, determination, and strength of character, with positive messages for young readers. Your children will love the story and its bright and marvellous illustrations from Axel Scheffler. The highly regarded artist of many popular children’s stories is renowned all over the world for his unique style marrying perfectly with Donaldson’s words. Will you join Zog, Princess Pearl and Sir Gadabout on their adventures together, ‘zooming through the blue?’

Gruffalo Soft Toys

For fans of the Gruffalo, our range of Gruffalo would make for the perfect gift.  Collect the whole cast and make storytime come to life for your child.

Will you join Mouse as he walks through the forest? Will he find the Gruffalo before Gruffalo finds him! 

Stickman Soft Toys

Family favourite and best seller Stickman, is especially popular, with peak interest leading up to the Christmas period. As Stickman goes for a walk, he gets into some 'sticky' situations where he, unfortunately, drifts further and further from his family tree home. Over the course of a year, he travels far and wide, meeting both friends and strangers along the way. 

Room on the Broom Toys

From the very popular storybook, our plush Room on the Broom Witch toy is available with all her broomstick characters.  Join the gang on their adventure together as they fly zoom through stormy skies against the fire-breathing dragon.

Our full range of Aurora licensed plush soft toys are perfect to accompany storytime with your young children and in turn, helps them engage with the story. This enriched experience allows them to imagine the story beyond the pages and into the room.

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