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Available to buy now at Character Toy Store

Julia Donaldson’s famous little orange dragon is available now from Character Toy Store. 
The ever-popular storybook was made into an animated film and premiered on BBC in December 2018 narrated by Lenny Henry and Tracy Ullman.

Here is a link to the IMDB film bio https://www.imdb.com/

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Who is Zog?

The brightly coloured orange friendly dragon is the main protagonist in the storybook illustrated by Axel Scheffler. Like all of his collaborations with the British Laureate Julia Donaldson, the books vivid illustrations bring the story to life which has proved very popular with families with young children. 

Zog Dragon Soft Toys available at Character Toy Store

The story revolves around a young dragon in his training school who is learning the ropes of what a dragon does best like learning to fly and breathing fire and eventually graduating by capturing a princess. Zog is determined to earn his golden star from his teacher Madam Dragon.

He ends up having a few mishaps along his way and hurts himself one day in year 1 whilst trying to fly. A girl named Pearl helps him by giving him some much needed first aid.

To graduate in year 5, he must capture a princess. Little did Zog know that Pearl happened to be a princess and so she helps him by pretending to be captured and in turn, wins Zog his golden star,  impressing his dragon classmates and his teacher too.

It turns out that Pearl doesn’t want to be a princess after all, much to her father's disappointment, she yearns to be a doctor nursing people back to health. Both dragon and princess team up to become flying doctors.

It’s a very charming story in which there is a real positive message about empowerment and success in trying your hardest and earning reward for doing good.

Princess Pearl nurses Zog back to health in Zog

Princess Pearl nurses Zog back to health.

The Story

The story has proved to be a big hit with young children, and having the soft toy to use alongside the storybook at bedtime makes the experience all the more enriching. The Book Trust book review can be seen here and you can purchase the storybook from all good book stores. If you haven't watched the film yet here is the trailer on Youtube

Book Depository Zog storybook

What are the benefits of soft toys on early child development?

It has been said for many decades that soft toys do help develop empathy in children as they forge their very first relationships beyond their parents, and care for their cuddly companions. Many children hold on to their stuffed toys way beyond childhood and into adulthood according to a Fatherly.com

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