Zog returns to BBC1 Christmas Day 2020

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Zog returns to BBC1 Christmas Day 2020

It will have been 2 years since we last saw everybody’s  favourite Dragon Zog on our tv screens.

It seems like yesterday we were at the opening premier at BBC Manchester back in November 2018. One thing is for sure, 2020 has been a strange year. Not only have we had to adjust to a new normal way of living but TV productions of our favourite shows, films and documentaries have ground to a snails pace. Extra social distancing has meant that production teams around the world have had to adapt to a new way of working in a covid-secure environment adhering to new government guidelines.

Zog was a huge success with its BBC debut on Christmas Day back in 2018 with Sir Lenny Henry taking the helm as narrator.


An All Star Cast

Tracey Ullman, Rob Brydon and Patsy Feran all star alongside Hugh Skinner as our little orange protagonist Zog, the accident prone dragon who must learn to fly, breathe fire and capture a princess at Madam Dragon’s dragon school.


A Long Awaited Sequel

This years sequel continues with Zog and the Flying Doctors, adapted for our screens from one of the UKs favourite authors Julia Donaldson and animated by Magic Light Studios sees Zog and his friends; Sir Gadabout and Princess Pearl on more adventures to save people in need.

What about Princess Pearl?

One question we continuously get asked is:

‘When can we get hold of the Princess Pearl toy’?

We posed the question to Aurora Toys sales agents at Birmingham’s NEC Spring Fair back in 2019. 

Agents from Aurora weren’t able to give us a definitive answer which appears strange seen as they pay for the license for the brand yet don't seem fully exploit it. 

Maybe 2021 may provide us with some answers as we know that Pearl would be a very welcome addition to the soft toy range.

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