Who are the Room on the Broom Characters?

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Ever wondered who voices the Room on the Broom characters? 


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One of our favourite Julia Donaldson's stories is that of the Witch and her Cat and the many friends they meet along her adventure. The charming story features the protagonist on her travels through faraway lands as she is joined by various animals along her way. When her fire-breathing adversary flies on by, Witch and her new friends must think on their feet to save themselves from his wicked ways. We've put together a short cast list of the characters from the show.



English comedian, producer and actor Simon Pegg is the narrator of the story. Simon has starred in many films from Shaun of the Dead (2004) to Mission Impossible and Star Trek.

 Narrator Simon Pegg Room on the Broom



X Files actress Gillian Anderson plays the kind-hearted and generous protagonist with her very tall hat. As she flies around on her broomstick dropping her possessions, she finds animals to join her on her broomstick who help find her things in the undergrowth. Buy the soft toy now

Gillian Anderson plays Witch



The moody Cat is the Witches’ pet who doesn't want any more animals to join him and Witch upon their broomstick. Voiced by Little Britain’s welsh actor and comedian Rob Brydon. Rob is famous for playing Bryn in Gavin and Stacey and also voices other Julia Donaldson characters such as Whale from Snail and the Whale as well as the King in Zog and the Flying Doctors.

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 Rob Brydon plays Cat



Voiced by Martin Clunes, Dog is the first animal to join them, who they find bounding about in the bushes with the Witches hat in his jaws.
Witch doesn't hesitate in asking him to jump on board. Martin is most notably famous for playing Gary in Men behaving badly. He has voiced many characters throughout his career from Kipper the Dog and Stripey from Little Robots.

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Martin Clunes plays Dog



Sally Hawkins voices the little green Bird. When the strong winds blew, the Witch's bow falls from her plaits, so down they fly to the field where it lands, only to find a green bird with the bow in its beak. Yep, it too jumps onboard and already the broomstick is looking crowded.

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Bird from Room on the Broom played by Sally Hawkins




Over the reeds and rivers, they fly, as they shoot through the stormy sky. Whoops! What was that? The Witch drops her wand, so they have to make another stop only to find a green frog with the wand in his hand. Little Britain's David Walliams voices the cheeky frog.

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 David Walliams plays Frog in Room on the Broom

It seems the broom isn't strong enough for five animals and a witch, as the broom snaps in two and the animals fall leaving the Witch on the front half of her broom.


The Dragon

When a huge fire-breathing red dragon, voiced by Timothy Spall, sees her, he gives chase, breathing fire and smoke until he catches her and lands next to a swamp.

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Dragon from Room on the Broom 

Then out of the swamp, the animals together rise all covered in mud, looking like a huge monster scaring the Dragon away.

Off he sculks leaving them in peace and the gang are eventually reunited. With no broomstick, the animals collect ingredients needed to cast a special spell to make a truly magnificent broom with enough room for everyone!

With a seat for the cat, the dog and the witch, a shower for the frog and a nest for the bird.

The Julia Donaldson animated film was Oscar-nominated for Best Animated Short Film in 2014. 


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Watch the Room on the Broom trailer below.



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