Palm Pals - The soft toy you can hold in the palm of your hand

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Palm Pals - The soft toy you can hold in the palm of your hand

Palm Pals offers an adorable selection of small plush animal toys perfectly sized to fit in your hand. Each toy features a beanie body, providing a lightly stuffed texture that enhances playtime with the animal. Explore our charming collection, featuring a variety of themes including Fruit, Vegetables, Sealife, Jungle, Dogs, Cats, Mushrooms, and Boba Tea characters. Collect them all and enjoy endless hours of fun with these delightful companions.

Your favourite Palm Pals Characters

Arriving in March, our new range will feature the popular Milky Tea Boba Tea, Sandy the Watermelon, Vivi Rainbow, Juicy Strawberry, Airy Avocado. We plan on stocking more of the range over time as soon as we acquire the latest stock from our supplier.

Why are Palm Pals so popular?

The appeal around Palm Pals is the fact they can easily fit in the palm of your hand. Over the last few years, there has been a general trend towards more Asian looking soft plush toys. The cute and appealing nature of the facial features these small toys represent are quickly becoming mainstream in the UK and Europe.

What's the most popular Palm Pal?

Our parents are in the toy business and the more popular Palm Pals are the ones you see on our website. We've started with the more popular toys to start with and over time, we will be expanding our range of Palm Pals.


Be sure to check back regularly and if you have a request for a Palm Pal toy, let us know by filling out the form below this blog post ad we can get back to you.


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