How Do Toy Makers Become More Sustainable?

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How Aurora are helping make the soft toy industry to become more sustainable

You never forget the look on your child’s face when they unwrap a brand new shiny toy at Christmas time or their birthday.

But what happens to the hoard of plastic toys that are ultimately destined for landfill. It’s an issue that is rarely spoken of.

With the UK toy industry valued £3.3 billion, the largest in Europe and 4th biggest in the word, it’s a subject which should be addressed sooner rather than later with the mammoth amount of plastic being manufactured globally. 

The majority of plastic toys are not recycled at present due to various materials such as metal used within the toy itself. This makes it difficult to separate out these different elements.


Recycled Soft Toys 

Some manufacturers of soft toys have responded to the ongoing problem but taking much more of a sustainable approach to the supply chain of their products

Aurora World for example have launched an Eco toy range with their new toys being made from recycled plastic bottles. Thirty 500ml plastic bottles are broken down into pellets and then reconstituted into plush characters.


Eco Nation Tiger Soft ToyEco Nation Fox Soft ToyEco Nation Elephant Soft Toy



Eco Nation Toy Range from Aurora

In 2021, the new Eco Nation toy range  has expanded to offer more than 23 different animals, from lop-eared rabbits and farm animal toys to sea creatures and more exotic animals. ALl available in various sizes to suit your budget.


How Aurora are helping make the soft toy industry to become more sustainable

The Eco Nation plush collection has been nominated as a 2021 Plush Toy of the Year Finalist from the Toy Association.

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