Gingko Design UK Gift of the Year Award Winner 2022

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Gingko Design UK Gift of the Year Award Winner 2022

A Unique and modern mood light.

Gingko Design's Smart Moon Lamp has won the Contemporary Gift of the Year - 2022. 

Gift of the Year which is run by the Giftware Association the sleek and modern looking lamp from Gingko based on its overall look and feel as well as the wow factor. As category winner, the lamp gains recognition from industry and influencers alike.


With three different light hue options, from cool white, neutral light or a warm light, the moon begin to spin on its own axis once you place the moon on the 'sweet spot'.   

We road tested the Gingko Smart Moon Lamp in September in our product review and what it's like to live with. We found the ambient light colours to be calming and mood enhancing, adding style to the room in which it was placed. 

Unboxing the Gingko Moon Lamp

The lamp comes well packaged with the wooden grain base having a wonderful texture. the power controls are all all touch sensitive. Touching the power icon, alternates between


If you haven't seen the Gingko Moon Lamp here play the video below to see how it moves. 

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