20 Years of The Gruffalo

20 Years of The Gruffalo

The Gruffalo turns 20 this year!

Who would have thought that a monster in the deep dark wood created by the talented and prize winning authoress Julia Donaldson along with her long term partnership with the award winning illustrator Axel Scheffler, would continue to be loved by children all over the world 20 years on and to go on to become a true modern day childrens' classic.

A mouse took a stroll in the deep, dark wood.... it starts with the mouse searching for the perfect nut and he soon encounters a fox who thought he looked good, and so did an owl and a snake! Thankfully the quick-witted mouse manages to convince the animals that he was meeting a Gruffalo for tea, although the mouse knows that such a monster does not exist, or does it?...

The story of the Gruffalo was so successful that the intrepid authoress went on to create another classic called The Gruffalo's Child, which continues the story of the mouse who has an encounter with the Gruffalo's child this time and the mouse certainly has not lost his quick wit and ingenuity!

You can find all the characters featured in the Gruffalo stories right here on Character Toy Store, to help bring the story and characters to life! Choose from the Gruffalo hand puppet and the clever mouse in 3 sizes. We also have a sitting Gruffalo in 2 sizes and the Gruffalo's child.

Why not collect all the characters in 7 inch which is available now, choose from the Gruffalo, mouse, fox, snake, owl and even the squirrel!




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