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Discover the enchanting Room on the Broom Witch plush toy, meticulously hand-crafted and standing at an impressive 12 inches tall. From the acclaimed creator of The Gruffalo, this delightful character comes to life, recounting the beloved adventure of the friendly witch and her trusty cat as they journey through whimsical encounters with various animals. Perfect for young readers, Room on the Broom is a cherished tale that captivates hearts. 

Our Room on the Broom Plush Toys makes for a memorable gift, fostering word recognition and inspiring imaginative role-play. Pair them with the beautifully illustrated storybook by Axel Scheffler for an immersive storytelling experience. Featured on BBC1, these plush toys are expertly crafted from premium plush materials, boasting exquisite detailing and hand-finishing.

This charming soft toy, standing at an adorable 15.5 inches tall, embodies the beloved Witch character from Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler's enchanting series, "Room on The Broom," known for their creation of "Gruffalo."

Follow the delightful journey of the witch and her cat as they joyfully soar across forests, rivers, and mountains on their trusty broomstick. However, their idyllic flight takes a tumultuous turn when a fierce wind whisks away the witch's hat, bow, and wand. Fortunately, their lost belongings are retrieved by a helpful dog, bird, and frog, each of whom seeks a ride on the broom. As the passengers accumulate, the broom becomes burdened until it ultimately breaks in two! What adventures await as they tumble into a bog and encounter a voracious dragon?

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