Palm Pals Milky Tea Boba Soft Toy

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Introducing the Palm Pals Milky Tea Boba Soft Toy, the newest addition to Aurora's beloved Palm Pals Collection. This plush companion, filled with beans, fits snugly in your hand, boasting a delightful demeanour that's sure to win hearts. With its endearing brown hue, this cuddly toy is bound to become a cherished favourite, bringing joy to your life.

Designed for children from birth, this Palm Pals Milky Tea Boba Soft Toy measures 13cm and belongs to the Palm Pals Craving collection, just one of the many enchanting collections from Palm Pals, which include Aquatic, Pets, Zoo, Sports, and more, all boasting captivating charm.

Perfect for any occasion, whether it's a birthday or a simple gesture of affection, the Palm Pals Milky Tea Boba Soft Toy also aligns with Aurora's Eco-Friendly initiative. Crafted with recycled plastic materials for the inner fill and beans, and featuring recyclable hang tags and cloth labels made from recycled materials.

Manufactured by Aurora World, a renowned industry leader with over 40 years of expertise in crafting premium plush products, the Palm Pals Milky Tea Boba Soft Toy is a coveted addition to any collection. Its irresistible charm makes it a must-have for enthusiasts of all ages.