Ginkgo Floating Smart Moon Lamp - White Ash

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This amazing floating moon lamp from Gingko is the real deal!  It’s mesmerising appearance creatives the life-like illusion that the moon magically floats and rotates on its beautifully crafted real wooden base. 

Available in 2 colours. White ash and walnut, these exquisite and unique decorative levitating lamps will impress your friends and family. 

How does it float?

Using specially aligned magnets in the base, the moon floats against the magnets inside the moon. The moon orbits on its own axis effortlessly due to various magnets inside the base.

Dim the lights, turn on the moon lamp and watch a movie for full effect in a darkened room. Choose from three different hues. Blue, neutral and warm.  To change the colour, simply tap the power button on the wooden base. 

We've tested this product and found that with practice, the moon is aligned in just a few seconds. There is also a protective cork mat inside the box, which helps beginners to align the moon on its base, whilst protection the base in the event of a power cut.  It's normal for the base to get warm and this is completely safe and a normal feature of the product.